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NWC: Watauga’s Painter shares ‘Player of the Year’ honors with Hibriten’s Pineda

By David Rogers. BOONE, N.C. — Averaging almost seven saves per game and allowing fewer than two goals per game during the 2023 high school men’s soccer season earned Watauga goalkeeper Kyle Painter Northwestern Conference “Co-Player of the Year” honors. He shared the honor with Hibriten’s Johnny Pineda, who averaged 1.1 goals per game over the course of the season.

The Pioneers’ Lade Oguntoyinbo also was tabbed “Offensive Player of the Year”

Hibriten, Watauga and Alexander Central dominated the list of All-Conference players announced on Nov. 18 by the Northwestern Conference.

  • Coach of the Year: David McConnell-Alexander Central
  • Overall Players of the Year: Johnny Pineda, Hibriten and Kyle Painter-Watauga
  • Offensive Player of the Year: Omolade’ Oguntoyinbo,Watauga
  • Defensive Player of the year: Shane Stevens-Hibriten


    • Eli Kerley-Alexander Central
    • Jaylen Bennett-Alexander Central
    • Carson Davis-Alexander Central
    • Cory Mays- Alexander Central
    • Christian Arroyo-Alexander Central
    • Elijah Bolick-Alexander Central
    • Cooper Deal-Alexander Central
    • Kyle Painter-Watauga
    • Riley Cook-Watauga
    • Omolade’ Oguntoyinbo-Watauga
    • Stryker Ward-Watauga
    • Micah Duvall-Watauga
    • Andrew Hill-Watauga
    • Jossue Alcaraz-Watauga
    • Curtis Sevensky-Watauga
    • Thomas Moss-Watauga
    • Micheal Acevedo-Ashe County
    • Danny Ruiz Lara-Ashe County
    • Anderson Schuster-Ashe County
    • Johnny Pineda-Hibriten
    • Shane Stevens-Hibriten
    • Miguel Ayala-Hibriten
    • Tyler Roberts-Hibriten
    • Nicholas Hawkins-Hibriten
    • Faris Cerrato-Hibriten
    • Tristan Newcomb-Hibriten
    • Ammon Blanton-Hibriten
    • Kenyen Ferguson-Hibriten
    • Eric Meza-Hibriten
    • Ashton Alva-Freedom
    • George Jimenez-Freedom
    • Tristan Mearns-South Caldwell
Honorable Mention:
    • Jeremiah Bennett-Alexander Central
    • Ozzie Romero-Alexander Central
    • Ben Myers-Watauga
    • Ayden Johnson-Watauga
    • Bubby Franca-Ashe County
    • Henry Aguilar-Ashe County
    • Nehemias Rodas-Perez-Hibriten
    • Giovanni Issac-Regino-Hibriten
    • Samuel Quinionez-Freedom
    • Frankly Velasquez-Freedom
    • Caden Pilato-South Caldwell
    • Zach Gouge-South Caldwell

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