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Photo of the Week: Watauga’s Evan Burroughs catch, art by Garner Dewey

By David Rogers. BOONE, N.C. — Football is a game of moments, strung together to make a play, either by the entire team or by a single individual. Last week against South Caldwell, photographer Garner Dewey captured this sequence of moments in the football life of Pioneer Evan Burroughs as he caught a long pass from QB Maddox Greene.

This is called an “action sequence” photo. You can capture the images on any camera, including on many smartphones, then put them together in one image using Adobe Photoshop.

“This is what they call a ‘photo merge’,” explained Dewey. “The first step, of course, is taking a burst of several shots following the play’s action. For this one, I was panning at the same time as shooting in order to follow Evan Burroughs’ catch throughout the sequence, from when he first looked up and spotted the ball, followed it as it descended, then caught it.”

Dewey said he first used Adobe Lightroom to make various color corrections and crops, then used Adobe Photoshop’s “Photo Merge” tool.

The original burst was about 10 shots,” said Dewey. “I could merge them manually, of course, but I wanted to get this done quickly. So I let Photoshop do all the work. The built-in artificial intelligence selected these four moments in the sequence and merged them all into one image.”

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